“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle

How did you learn to talk? Probably like me you learned to talk by repetitive action, listening  to  mum or dad or your siblings, hearing the sounds, watching their faces, watching how their lips and tongue move to make the sounds, You began to copy those same actions and sounds, at first you just make babbling noises that everyone loves and repeats back to you responding to your cute yet unintelligible noises, this practice and repetitive sound making through action takes several years usually before you are speaking fluently and clearly!

What if you realized when you first attempted to repeat and make words and sounds exactly like those you were hearing, that the sounds coming from your mouth were nothing like what you were hearing?  what if a few months pass but you still cannot make the same sounds or move your mouth in the same way as those who are speaking to you. What if you decided at that point to stop practicing because you can’t do it? what if you  left it there? Well for one thing, you would find it much more difficult to express your needs and have others completely understand you immediately, for another it would obviously set a pattern for a life lived without ever doing!

I could not talk before I began talking, I could not write before I began writing, I could not walk before I began walking,I could not draw before I began drawing and I could not paint before I began painting.  How many times have I said or have you said,  I cannot do that or this, or have tried to do something and lost heart because it wasn’t as good as you or I thought it should be, or as good as someone else has done, never mind the fact that the someone else has done it or something like a dozen times or more before!

I don’t know about you but I am very hard on myself, and have often believed myself not good enough and so have not continued with practicing or learning or doing a thing or hiding it away so that whatever it is I have created cannot be seen or judged by another because I am too busy judging it myself!  This belief  is harmful not only to my creativity but becomes a pattern to live a life less expansive and fulfilling as it could be.

I love my life and have been and am very fortunate in that I have a wonderful family, a fabulous husband and a passion that I can indulge in.  That being said like many others I limit myself greatly because of my own fears of not being good enough, not being where I want to be , a good metaphor would be going to a rail station, buying a ticket, walking to the platform boarding the train but getting off after only a couple of stops because it is taking too long to get to my destination and so I hop on another train going in another direction, which is ok but it is not where I really want to end up! By exiting the first train before I reached my destination I actually end up going nowhere because I am continuously swapping trains before they complete their journey!

Hence my 10,000 hours rule that I have recently given myself for my art, I began my creative arts practice 15 years ago, gained a degree  in creative arts with distinction and then a diploma in art therapy which is when I swapped trains. Now I have again swapped trains but this time I am getting back on the first one and heading in the right direction toward my destiny!

Is there a train you have not yet boarded or have got off because it was taking too long but you know in your heart that this is the direction you really want to go?







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